Decorating the study/home office

Decorating the study/home office

The pandemic has changed a lot in the way people worldwide work. Be it work, play or education, all the spheres of life have been impacted by the pandemic. But humans are adaptive by nature and that is why we see global changes in the education and business sector to ensure progress and survival. The lockdown restrictions in various parts of the world lead to a major shift to the online medium of communication. Work from home and online classes are the new ways in which people are trying to ensure that personal and professional growth does not come to a standstill.

Now that social distancing has become a norm for safety and most of us are spending a majority of our time at home, it’s the perfect time to revamp and recreate by exploring interesting home décor options. This can be a major mood lifter and can work well to create a fresh look in the house. The one area that has become a must in a house today is an office space or a study area. It’s not necessary that all households have a separate study or office room but by being a little creative one can create small corners within the given area to create special zones for these activities.

Having a nicely done up corner or room in the house that is put together to become a special nook from where one can do the office work helps to concentrate better and aids to increase productivity at work. Having a home office and operating from home can be very challenging as the normal household chores and other activities are distracting. This is exactly why you need to invest time to create a small area for yourself where you can work without getting disturbed. Begin with getting a nice rug especially if you do not have a separate room to make your home office. The rug will help mark and segregate the office work area from the rest of the house. Make sure that you opt for furniture that is high on comfort as the long working hours at home can become quite tiring and stressful. So before we begin working, let’s get comfortable.

You don’t need to opt for a dull-coloured desk for your office space. Online stores are full of options that are stylish and trendy. The main aspect that must be kept in mind while looking for a desk is that it would be the focal point of your home office so choose one that gels with the other interiors. This also includes going for a desk that has ample storage space to comfortably place all files, laptops, papers, and everything else that you need on it.

Looks over comfort are a complete no-no for this piece of furniture. While most office tables tend to be a little broad and bulky, brands like Awfis have some really cool, modern, and minimalistic options that can fit in one’s home décor in the most effortless manner. The next thing that needs to be on your list is to have a nice chair to compliment your table. Go for a chair that can provide you good back support and allows easy movement. This will help you through long meetings and stressful work hours. Explore colour and style options available. You can go for a sober shade or choose one that’s bright and colourful to give the room a zing. Soothing colours like blue can add a little zeal to your workspace and make it look more lively and vibrant. The options in office chairs include mesh-back frame chairs, cushioned seats and back, or additional headrest chairs.

Now that the office space for the house is more or less sorted with a comfortable and well-priced desk and a well-coordinated office chair, let's talk about the study décor. Having a separate study area works best for kids also as their surroundings distract them quite easily. A study room should have elements that help create a positive vibe and an ambience that helps the user concentrate. Having a sturdy study table and a well-cushioned chair is essential and helps to sit conveniently for long stretches while studying. Make sure to use colors that are vibrant yet soothing to the eyes so that they work in harmony to break the monotony but do not look too bold to become a distraction. Using ergonomic chairs for the area is a great option as these chairs are highly comfortable as well as multi-functional. These can be used interchangeably in the house as office chairs as well as study chairs as they are the perfect blend of elegance, quality, and comfort.

Few more accessories that work brilliantly to help decorate and enhance the office-cum-study area include planters, lamps, wall frames, posters, and clocks. Place a plant of your choice near your desk or if the area is too small then you can have a small potted plant on your table itself. Adding greens to the place makes the area have a fresh and lively feel. Motivational quotes in the form of wall frames or posters can be a great idea for these areas. Place them above your office table and anytime you feel dull or beaten up you have your daily dose of motivation right in front of you. Having a picture of your business idol can also be great to keep you well-focused on your goals. Clocks and lamps, both, add to space functionally as well as aesthetically. They can help put together the color scheme for the area or can help add a quirky design to the space to make it look more appealing.

What option one goes for may vary when it comes to décor but investing your time, energy and money in doing up the office and study areas in your house is definitely a fruitful venture. It is the need of the hour and a treat to the soul.