Getting your Room Zoom-ready

Getting your Room Zoom-ready

Remote work has led to everyone having a makeshift home office of their own. Though many individuals think it’s okay to be working from the bed or couch, it may be hindering your productivity in reality. The comfort of plush pillows and cushions may lead you to relax more than you can afford to.

Besides, household sounds and the constant reminder of chores that need to be done can become a big distraction during your Zoom meetings. So the question is: how do you stay focused on your meetings?

Some home decor solutions can make your room Zoom-ready. Want to know how?


  • Look for a perfect workspace

If your home lacks a study room, finding the perfect spot to turn the home into an office might be daunting. Not every room in your house is ideal to be used as a workspace. You must choose a location that's far away from your living room, kitchen, and especially your bedroom. Moreover, you must look for a place where you can get maximum privacy. You would not want your family members to pass from behind you during video calls.

Choose a well-isolated location. If space allows you to, pick a room that can help you make a distinct separation between ‘work’ and ‘home’. So, when you are done with working hours, you can just shut the laptop and leave your work zone to enter your home zone. Needless to say, this also lets you have a good work-life balance.


●       Invest in desks

This is a basic piece of furniture for your work, whether at the office or home. The size of your prospective home office area and your budget will determine the type of desk you can have. You can choose a standard office desk or a slightly sleeker design as well.


●       Correct your posture

Sitting in uncomfortable office chairs for many hours can be disastrous to your body. Without proper support for your spine, you are likely to face posture problems and back pain in the immediate or distant future. But don’t worry – ergonomic chairs are the best solution for this, offering strong support to the back and neck.

Besides, during online meetings, hunching over your laptop is not a good look. A confident posture, and most importantly, efficient work needs a cushioned and comfortable seat. You can adjust ergonomic chairs as per your height and align them according to your shoulders, hip, and spine. Thus, your work productivity won't be affected due to cumbersome back pain.


●       Have adequate lighting

When setting up a home office, lighting tends to get ignored. You may think that the light from your laptop is sufficient, but that's not the case. Inadequate lighting and the blue light from your computer monitor strain your eyes. This results in frequent headaches, affecting your health.

Natural light is very important for your WFH environment. Too much back-lighting can also obstruct your video conferencing. So, ensure a balance between low and bright, natural and artificial lighting. Include a desk lamp on your office table to avoid headaches and straining your eyes.


●       Don't forget the background

Leaving your walls blank may give off a dull vibe during your Zoom meetings. Moreover, faded or blank walls cannot be great for your motivation levels.

If you can, decorate your walls with bookshelves or paint them in bright colors. Vivid colors boost your mood, whereas light pastel shades can enhance the natural light in your room. A beautiful art collage or framed photographs are also good ideas.


  • Keep everything clean

Clutter can hinder your work performance. You do need your chargers, mobile phone, laptop, and headphones in one place while working. But when all these accumulate, your desk may begin to resemble a spider’s web. Rushing to untangle cords and wires during a meeting can be time-consuming, distracting, and frustrating.

Get an office desk that can manage all your essential accessories, stationery, and other items in one place. Consider investing in one with multiple drawers.


●       Get storage space

Remote work means plenty of paperwork and documents on the table. Thus, amidst your home office decor, you must allocate a storage space solely for files. Everything you need should be readily available. Moreover, the place should not be overly crowded with your regular household things. It is best to have a separate storage area for additional office materials.

Storage solutions for your devices’ cables are also a good idea. Nowadays, many desks such as the Tycoon Desk from awfis have storage facilities within them. You can house all your WFH essentials in the office desk itself without having to struggle to find a new place.


●       Decrease noise levels

Your home office should eliminate all distractions so that you are less stressed while working. If noise usually distracts you, get soundproof curtains. On the other hand, if you are not interested in spending on curtains, noise cancellation headphones would be your next best choice.


●       Add a natural touch

House plants will always soothe your strained eyes. Additionally, adding them to your home decor will bring in a different, quaint charm. If you like seeing a variety of colors, pick flowering plants. While all plants give out oxygen, certain plants like the snake plant emit high amounts, adding a healthy, refreshing touch to your home office. These plants are good at filtering the air, giving you optimal freshness every second of the day.

Choose indoor plants that are easy to maintain, yet liven up the aesthetic of your room. Perch them on a good, steady piece of furniture to make your home office a great place to spend stressful hours.


All things considered, we can say...

WFH is only feasible when you have successfully managed to assemble everything you need. Designing a great home office or a room with a smart study table will help you work comfortably for months or perhaps for a lifetime without any hassle. By using these ideas for your home office, you will surely achieve the highest efficiency possible in your job, while also prioritizing your comfort.

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