Modern Office & Contemporary Furniture

Modern Office & Contemporary Furniture

The pandemic turned our lives upside down, forcing us to switch to remote working. But this transformation came with pitfalls.

Work from home is becoming a long-term reality for many working professionals worldwide. If the pandemic proved anything, having a home office isn’t a convenience — it’s a necessity.

We all thought this migration would be temporary, but it looks like the WFH culture is here to stay. As a result, many of us had to set up makeshift home offices that are not beneficial for health in the long run.

Hence, it is crucial to consider workspace ergonomics to avoid injuries and enhance productivity. Well-designed furniture can positively impact your work efficiency, health, and well-being. Besides, it offers you the flexibility to personalize your workspace depending on your lifestyle.

However, buying and setting up your WFH furniture can be easier on paper than in reality. That’s why we’ve curated this guide to making your quest efficient and fruitful. Here are a few crucial aspects of a modern and contemporary home office.


1.        It is All About Ergonomics

Ergonomic home office solutions remain an exciting design trend in 2021. Ergonomic office furniture concentrates on the design that fits you, not the other way around.

  • Use furniture and accessories to create a personalized space that reflects who you are. From office chairs to office tables, modern offices thrive on ergonomic designs to promote productivity and health.
  • Before you purchase any furniture, think of the comfort and functionality of your space. For example, try not buying a chair with no lumbar support only because it is Insta-worthy.


2.        A Dedicated Home Office Space

Now that WFH is vital, setting up a dedicated home office should be your priority. In a modern workspace, choosing the right furniture is crucial. Besides, it maintains your perpetual workflow to maximize your potential.

You may not have a whole room to assign as a home office. Yet, you can easily make a functional workspace anywhere in your home.

  • Don’t go overboard with the colors and decor. Your home office should be modern and contemporary but should not distract you from your work. For instance, hide distracting cords by purchasing desks with built-in wire management.
  • Try to set your workspace near a window or where there is plenty of natural light while you work. The home decor within your line of sight should bring your focus back to the tasks at hand and not distract you.
  • For a clutter-free experience, be sure to equip your home office with good storage. Don’t have room for a big cabinet? Fret not. Many of our home office desks come with built-in storage.


3.        Office Chairs – Your Hot Seat to Productivity

As we continue remote working, investing in home offices should be our priority. Office chairs are a significant category when we talk about home office furniture. You need to have chairs with the right blend of comfort and functionality.

  • The suitable ergonomic chairs can help you endure long working hours and not restrict your movements.
  • Research states that armrests of the wrong height result in lower back and shoulder pains. So, your WFH chair should have a comfortable backrest with adjustable height and armrests.
  • Another essential feature you should look out for - swivel base to traverse the length of the table efficiently. Modern ergonomic chairs with five supports on wheels can give you that freedom.
  • The base of the ordinary chair is not comfortable, making it hard to sit for prolonged amounts of time. In contrast, ergonomic chairs come with a good seat depth of at least 2 to 4 inches to reduce the pressure on your hips.
  • Besides, office chairs with a practical design and lush fabric enhance the home decor.


4.        Office Tables – Your WFH Companion

If you think chairs are the only home office accessory that needs to be ergonomic, you are mistaken. Your WFH desk needs to be equally comfortable to make working from home unbearable.

  • Ensure you select modern desks that fit your body type/size as you will be using them for long periods. Besides, it should also fit into your workspace, leaving enough room for other furniture.
  • Legroom and movement space should be your priority. For this, you can use higher home office tables and save your legs from cramping up.
  • Your home office desks should face against a wall rather than looking out into the room. It will keep potential distractions at bay and let you focus on your goals.
  • While working from home, a spacious study table is crucial with enough surface area. Besides, contemporary and chic desks with storage space can transform your efficiency.
  • Professionals operating their business from the home office may need elaborate solutions. The nature of your business will determine the additional features of the desk. It needs to fit a computer/laptop, accessories, and other materials you need throughout the day.


5.        A Fun Study Room For Kids

If the pandemic forced you to work remotely, the same applies to your kids. Children studying at home and attending online classes have become the norm. For that, they need an area for homework, studies, or computer research.

Hence, there must be an independent study room or zone for your kids to keep them busy and productive in their space.

  • Use a study table with abundant storage to make room for everything necessary, like stationery and notebooks.
  • Add a comfortable but fun chair with adjustable seat height so that your kid never outgrows it.


Final Thoughts

Are you ready to update your home office space to get the contemporary look you’ve always wanted? Your workspace should reflect your style and be comfortable while also maintaining function.

Whatever your needs, you need a home office - whether that looks like a nook/corner or a complete room. Regardless of your living situation, you can personalize any space with the right furniture and home decor.

Our modern home office solutions offer simple, practical, and clean designs. Whether you need ergonomic chairs, modern office tables, or desks, we can help.

Add an element of finesse and sophistication to your home office and buy our WFH range of furniture.