Top 5 ways to make WFH fun!

Top 5 ways to make WFH fun!

Adapting to the new normal, all of us have been homebound for the longest. Working from home was definitely a new experience for everyone and even though it was all fun and games in the beginning, slowly we started missing our desks, office routes and of course, our work family! WFH has changed many things, majorly our lifestyles, and has slowly started to creep into the dark corners of our minds. This, however, can be avoided by making a functional home office. There’s a lot of flexibility while working from home and can help maximize your productivity if done right. Here are a few tips to make WFH fun and productive the easy way.

Tip 01: Create a workspace
First things first, let’s create your home office area. Let your creativity flow and design a corner just for yourself to work from. At home, it is very easy to get distracted and that can lead to failed deadlines and targets. To be as productive and efficient as you are in office, it is best to create something strikingly similar at home. Be it desks or office tables, figure out the furniture you need and get to it! Have some fun and match it with your home decor to maintain the vibe of the house. A simple set up with a desk and an office chair is enough for one to get into the work space mindset and meet those deadlines.

Tip 02: Start right
It is very important to start your day right. If you don’t feel good at the beginning of the day, chances are that your mood will affect how you feel throughout too. If you are overwhelmed, take a deep breath and meditate until you feel better. This way, you will start your day with positive thoughts that you will slowly manifest into your life. Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you aren’t working. So start your day as you would on a work-from-office day. Ensure that you dress up for work, no, this isn’t only about being presentable for meetings but more on the psychological front of starting your day the right way.

Tip 03: Maintain a work life balance

At home, it is very easy to carry on work post working hours but this could lead to stress. Having a healthy work-life balance is of utmost importance for your well-being as well as productivity. Set healthy work boundaries and stick to them, spend time with your family, run errands or walk your dog in your free time and dedicate your focused self to your working hours. Have your day organised in a way where you do not miss out on your social life. It is as important as your profession.

Tip 04: Follow a routine
 Set a routine in place for yourself and follow it religiously. Routine can be addictive and easy if you are consistent with it until it becomes a habit. Make sure you plan your day in a way where you give time to yourself, your loved ones, your pets and your work. Eating healthy and sleeping on time is something we all struggle to achieve but once it becomes a habit, it’s hard to stop. Setting up a healthy routine will keep your mind and body in a healthy state thus helping you concentrate and perform better at work rather than stressing yourself out by overworking.

Tip 05: Take a breather
It is vital to take a step back and clear your head. A lot has been going on in our homes and around us, and it could be extremely overwhelming. In such a state, one does not find the motivation to work. If you realise that you’re feeling a certain way, take a break to do something you love (which also should be a dedicated part of your routine) or go for a walk to clear your mind. Gaining clarity about how you feel and your surroundings can be done through meditation or talking to someone about it. Put it out in the universe in one way or the other and get rid of that feeling to be back on track, energized and motivated better than ever. 

Tip 06: Plan it out!
At the beginning of each workday, take a look at your calendar and organise it. Following a schedule will help you stay on top of things while maintaining a balance by having dedicated meal timings and other activities that you like to include in your day. Achieving a good sleep cycle and a healthy eating habit is halfway there to lead a happy, healthy life. Ergonomic chairs can be very comfortable but make sure to stand up and walk a little every couple of hours. Sitting at the study table in your study room all day has health risks involved. Try and exercise at least 4 times a week and have one activity that makes you move every day to keep yourself active and ready for the day!

We’re sure you’re not missing your office chairs anymore and would love to continue working from your own little home office while meeting the targets, eating healthy and spending time with your family as well as yourself! Pick a spot in the house with the best internet connection, is close to the kitchen and away from all kinds of distractions. Adding low maintenance plants like succulents to your desk and beautiful monstera deliciosa to the surroundings could help you relax in between calls and would also create a positive association to work. Having plants around creates a refreshing environment and is aesthetic. Get started on your home office now and check out the WFH range of furniture on!