Types of office chairs - Which is the right one for you?

Types of office chairs - Which is the right one for you?

Who doesn't love to have a great workspace? The well-set ambience of office chairs and office tables seems like a thing of the past. With the pandemic, people have lost their work zones and had to stick to home offices. Work from home has been in the trend for a long time now as that was the only option available with COVID-19.


Most employees across industries had to work from home office to bridge the gap of functionalities. While setting up a home office is a thing in itself, having the right furniture matters with long work hours. Inappropriate desks, wrong sitting postures have led to many neck and spine problems with workers across the sectors. This article helps you to find the right type of office chair that matches your home office needs. Scroll down to know more!


Types of office chairs


Consider investing in the ideal office chair, especially if you will sit in it for long periods. A decent office chair must make things easier for you to conduct your job while also being kind to your spine, neck, shoulders. When purchasing an office chair, keep the following features in mind.


  1. Lumbar Support

Your back will definitely appreciate you when it gets the required support and comfort. This is possible with a contoured backrest. Always choose a desk chair that can match the natural curve of the spine. Right lumbar support is always a worthy investment. The lower back needs slightly arched support all the time. It is to ensure you do not slouch with the progressive seating posture. One of the best features to check while purchasing an office chair is lumbar support. Check out the Aura High-Back Chair from Awfis, which provides good lumbar support and reduces compression and strain.


  1. With Headrest

Once involved in work, one easily loses consciousness over posture control and seating. Suffering from shoulder pain or neck stiffness indicates a posture problem, and proper posture comes with head support. When searching for this feature, it is best to choose an adjustable version. The adjustable headrest chair comes with an up and down, in and out flexibility. This mechanism converts the chair to a seating position while at work. Alternatively, you can recline when you need a stretch. Check out the elegant and comfortable Aura Chair from Awfis with a comfortable headrest.


  1. Medium-back

The backrest of the mid-back office chair is decent, and it is shorter than the shoulder level. The primary goal of this approach is to provide the necessary spinal and back support. It also cushions the shoulder blade, resulting in an increased comfort level. When using a chair for short periods, this is a good solution. The Urbane Medium-Back Chair from Awfis is an exceptional blend of enhanced comfort and convenience.


  1. High-back

This ergonomic chair provides additional support to the neck, shoulder, and back. The high-back chairs, compared to other alternatives, offer a wide range of adjustability. If you work for a lengthy time, select this type of chair. For a slightly taller person, mid-back chairs don't offer the comfort that high-back seats provide. This chair reduces the chances of slouching, which often happens. If you're looking for a high-back chair, the Splendour High-Back from Awfis will definitely do the trick!


Finding the right chair for you!


With all that said, every individual is different, and so is their comfort. The chair you buy must match your home decor, blend into the study room, and be ergonomic. Evaluate the chair's adjustment abilities - a seat height of 15" to 22" will comfortably seat a person between 5'0" to 6'4" tall. It is best to go with a chair that has lumbar support, as we suggested in the previous section, because that will ensure that you get adequate back support when you need it.


Go for a medium-back chair while attending conferences or short meetings as it provides support for a maximum of 5 hours at a time. If you have to sit for any longer than that, a high-back chair is recommended, which lets you work for more than 5 hours with no discomfort. Choose a chair with breathable material and sufficient padding, and if you are someone who works for long hours, a headrest is definitely recommended.


The styling, comfort, usability, size makes these chairs unique and purposeful. The work hours, long or short, need a balance with the perfect office tables and office chairs. A desk is not just a place where a job is done but relished, and you can accomplish that satisfaction even in this work from home era.


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