Work from home ideas that will help you shine in the long run!

Work from home ideas that will help you shine in the long run!

The Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the world has rendered it imperative for a large population of the workforce to seek alternative work arrangements to mitigate the spread of the virus. Work from home or remote working might be more comfortable than going to the office every day. Still, it can be detrimental to your health, especially if you do not learn to distinguish between your workspace and your personal space. That said, work from home also provides us with the flexibility to design our own workspaces - to pick our favourite spots, furniture and decor!


Want to set up a home office to work more efficiently? You’re at the right place!



  1. Pick the perfect spot


If you’re going to be spending around 8-10 hours of your day in this space, it better make you feel productive and positive! Consider areas that have natural light coming in, as according to a study by Northwestern University in Chicago, natural lighting improves office workers’ productivity and quality of life. Make sure that it is a niche, distraction-free space which gives you privacy. Spare bedrooms, garages, attics or maybe just the opposite corner of your bedroom; find out what works best for you! 


  1. A good office chair is an investment, not a purchase


The right chair, along with an ergonomic desk, is essential to get you moving smoothly through your day. Go for a properly adjustable office chair with seat lift and tilt, as this reduces the chances of you being on the receiving end of chronic hip, back and leg pain. Consider fabric like mesh instead of leather, which is breathable and does not get too hot in the summers. Additionally, make sure your chair is positioned in a way that your feet are planted firmly on the ground or a footrest.


Similarly, a good desk setup will help prevent unnecessary discomfort and lead to effective work. Make sure the desk is made of good quality material and is at work height--the industry standard for which is 29 inches from the floor. Wrist support and ample storage space could be a useful addition to the desk.


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  1. Use the Chinese method of Feng Shui while positioning your desk


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that makes use of spatial arrangement and energy balance for optimum design. It says that it is important to position your desk in a ‘commanding place’ where your back does not face the door and that your desk isn’t near the door. The best position would be diagonal to the room’s entrance. It is also preferable to have a solid wall behind you rather than an open window.


  1. Invest in a good internet connection and technical equipment


With the world thriving off of Zoom and Skype, it is imperative to have a good internet connection that does not leave you out of touch with the virtual reality we're living in. An average speed of 50mbps internet should get you through your day without any internet glitches.


Further, get a large monitor (maybe even two), a keyboard and a mouse that are at the correct height for your posture, a docking station, and maybe even some wireless earphones.


  1. Declutter

When it comes to office work, less is more. Clutter is very distracting and is also found to reduce efficiency--piles of papers, excessive sticky notes, that half-filled coffee cup, make sure you get rid of all the extra material. Keep only the items that you will actually require as you plough through your day, a pencil? Sure! Your planner? Definitely!


  1. Personalize, personalize, personalize!


At the end of the day, your office or any space you organize is all about yourself! Adding some personalized, creative touches to your space will help make it more functional. Plants help reduce stress, increase productivity, and add one to your home office would surely help enhance the quality of your environment. After staring at the screen for an entire day, the colour green isn’t an eyesore either!


Always wanted to buy some artificial lights? Go for it! Window treatments, rugs or even DIY decor can turn your home office from stale to stylish.






All of that said, when one comes to building the perfect home-office, one always starts from the basics. As we said before, the perfect desk and chair can take you a long way! Awfis@Home has transitioned from being a coworking network to a fully tech-enabled workspace solutions platform.


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